Be less stressed and more happy with meditation


The School of Calm is a system for learning how to meditate and how to stick with it

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Learning how to meditate is a no brainer for your brain (and your well-being).


With research-backed journal articles full of benefits, multi-colored brain scans, and thousands of anecdotal stories about the superpowers of meditation - it is obviously good for you. Even if you are a person who thinks you think too much.

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You didn't get this far in life to live it in a state of constant stress.


Don't let stress be the reason you can't sleep, can't focus, and why you can't actually enjoy the time with your family.

The School of Calm helps you decrease your stress and increase your happy.

Complete Step-by-Step System

The School of Calm is a roadmap so you know exactly where to start and then what to do next.

You'll no longer be overwhelmed trying to figure out how to get started and will finally find the answer to the question "Am I doing this right?"


Research-Based and Science-Backed

Meditation is so good for you and your brain.

According to journal articles, it can help with all sorts of things - stress, anxiety, sleep, emotions, creativity, focus, relationships and your immune system - just to name a few.

No incense required.

Time Saving

No more wasting your limited time scrolling through endless guided meditations on an app or the internet to find one that could possibly work for you.

With the School of Calm you have a detailed plan and resources so you can use that time to actually do something to help your stress.

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Because learning how to decrease your stress should be the least stressful thing on your to-do list.

You can learn how to meditate and decrease your stress and increase your happy

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2. Follow the Steps

3. Become the Calmest Person in the Room

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Want to get a jumpstart on finding the best meditation for you?


Learn your meditation type in just a couple of questions with the free Meditation Matchmaker Quiz.


(Your brain will thank you later.)

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Be less stressed and more happy with meditation

(without the weird stuff) 

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